Occupy your Wisdom

Chuck Locy

Nov 21 2011

Of all the change that is needed in the world, it is our personal change that is needed most. We must begin today to direct and focus our lives toward our passions, goals, and mission to help others. And the first and best way to help others is to make certain our life is in order. That our life is complete with love, respect, understanding, and honor. This is our wisdom. We do not hate or pity. We do not judge or condemn. We do not think as a victim. We focus on forgiveness. We focus on our passion. We focus on our mission. Our intentions become the focus of our attention. It is inevitable that what we think about, we become. Think about the life you desire with love in your heart and no one will care what you do. Do it today. Do it now. Do it from here to eternity.

How our thoughts and our reaction to the thoughts of others will effect our quality of life. About Chuck Locy

Self employed for 30 years. Has studied extensively about personal development and growth.

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